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Howie's House of Comedy Ft. Will Durst

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Howie's House of Comedy Ft. Will Durst

Howie Nave has been a Lake Tahoe fixture up here for over 18 years now and his experience in the comedy biz dates back to 1998 when founder of The Improv, Budd Friedman hired him to run his room first in Reno than up in South Lake Tahoe. Before that Howie was a full-time, road touring comedian best known for his parody songs and regular stints on the nationally syndicated "Dr. Demento” radio show and being on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” Nave opened for a wide variety of talent including Neil Young, Trisha Yearwood, Howie Mandell, Louie Anderson, Soupy Sales, Johnny Cash, “Weird Al" Yankovic and Robin Williams to name a few. He's also had the number one morning radio show here in Tahoe (Howie's Morning Rush on KRLT 93-9) since 2003 and was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2015. His podcast, (Howie's High Sierra Comedy Vault Podcast @ is a popular download and features some of the biggest names in comedy. "Being a member of The Loft family is a real treat and an extension of everything I've done that's come before."

Political humorist Will Durst is not just one of the premiere political comedians working today has also written and starred in several one-man shows in addition to his stand up. His one-man show, “The All-American Sport of Bipartisan Bashing: Common Sense Rantings from a Raging Moderate” played Off-Broadway and came with an accompanying book that you can still order on My favorite is his generational one-man show, “BoomeRaging: From LSD to OMG” that makes the Boomer Generation look not so important and special as they think they are. He’s also the subject of a documentary called, “3 Still Standing” which follows the careers of three bay area comics: Johnny Steele, Larry ‘Bubbles’ Brown and Will Durst who started out in the early 80s that chronicles their career during the boom of the San Francisco comedy scene to where they are now. It’s pretty fascinating (and sobering) examining the San Francisco comedy scene when it exploded back in the 80s and chose Durst, Bubbles and Steele for a particular reason. They wanted to know why better known acts such Dana Carvey, Robin Williams and Rob Schneider (all bay area acts) were getting television and movie deals while Durst, Bubbles and Steele decided to stay in the bay area and have done very well in their own right. Durst has received so many accolades over the years. The New York Times called him, “quite possibly the best political satirist working in the country today.” The Los Angeles Times called him, “A modern day Will Rogers,” The San Francisco Examiner stated that he’s “the heir apparent to Mort Sahl and Dick Gregory” while The Chicago Tribune hailed Durst as a “hysterical hybrid of Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Osgood.” Good stuff. Durst is the author of several books my personal favorite being “Elect to Laugh! A Hilarious, Common Sense Guide to American Politics 2012 Election Edition” which actually gave me a better insight into the last elections that we had and has already primed me for the midterm elections coming up in November. Those familiar with Durst know that every Friday morning on my radio show called “A Burst of Durst” where he gets the last word offering up some of the best commentary (and rantings) that you’ll ever hear over the airwaves. That’s why he gets the last word. Durst can also be heard, read and seen coast to coast in numerous media outlets around the country and online around the globe. Durst’s down-to-earth roots were harvested from his home state of Wisconsin even though he has called San Francisco home for quite a while now. The 5-time Emmy nominee and recipient of 7 consecutive nominations for the American Comedy Awards Stand Up of the Year (and the first comic ever invited to perform at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government). He was also the first American to be nominated for the prestigious Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for his one man show “You Can’t Make Stuff Up Like This.” By the way, a lot of folks might be interested in knowing that when he ran for mayor of San Francisco Durst took no PAC funding coming in 4th out of 11. Durst spent a total of $1,200 getting 2% of the vote. And speaking of San Francisco mayors Durst had a radio show with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. The show was called, “Will & Willie” and one of the funniest and seriously entertaining programs ever.

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